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Campfire Rose
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The Roses And The Artists

Gardeners from coast to coast are familiar with the 'Explorer' and 'Parkland' series. The first was bred for the tough, humid climate of Eastern Canada, while the second was selected to withstand the long, dry winters and unpredictable springs of the West. So why celebrate renowned Canadian artists? Why not? Are they not the 'unsung and unknown' heroes of Canadian history?

More than 1,000 original crosses were made in the development of these roses. Of these, only 35 made it to the final selection list. For the next six years, three new roses were grown, rigorously graded and evaluated by leading growers from coast to coast. The very best of these went from being a dream to a reality. These tough but oh-so-beautiful roses are destined to become the next generation of worldwide grown roses, holding a very special place in Canadian gardeners' hearts.

The Canadian Artists roses are being evaluated even more rigorously than the previous two series for the benefit of growers and gardeners right across Canada and the northern United States. For one thing, a Canadian Artists Rose has to be adaptable to all parts of Canada and must be able to survive the climate, frost lines, diseases and capricious weather patterns! That means a gardener in Prince George, BC can grow the same rose bush as the gardener in Yorkton SK, Kingston ON, Dauphin MB, or Truro NS. Their most important trait: they're reliable!

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