Emily Carr Rose
Felix Leclerc Rose

Information For Gardeners

Why should you grow a Canadian Artists Rose in your garden?

If you've grown the Explorer and Parkland Series roses in your garden, you'll know that they're tough, but they don't always behave according to your wishes. They may not bloom frequently or consistently enough for you, and they are sometimes subject to powdery mildew, the dreaded black spot and sun scorching.

What if there was a series of roses that could captivate your sense of style, mirror your passion and bloom for longer than 3 weeks? The Artists Roses answer all the above questions. Above all, they are tough - Canada tough. Secondly, they are very disease resistant. Thirdly, they will grow in average soil. Some are even drought-resistant once established! And last but not least, they are widely available and affordable.

The series starts with two outstanding selections. 'Emily Carr' has deep red, passionate blooms that cover the sprawling shrub. 'Felix Leclerc' has electric pink blossoms that cover the rambling canes almost completely. The plus in all this is that they were bred to bloom from beginning of summer to frost!

'Emily Carr' is particularly effective in mass plantings, while 'Felix Leclerc' is an exceptional climber. What's even better is that any gardener, be he just wanting one plant to fill that empty spot against the house, or the experienced one that seeks out the tiniest detail of a plant, can grow these beautiful, clean rose bushes.

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