Felix Leclerc Rose
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Felix Leclerc Rose

Felix Leclerc -
The Rose And The Artist

From humble beginnings in La Tuque, Quebec, this singer-songwriter came to the world's attention only at the age of 37 when spotted by a French impresario in an Ottawa cabaret. His December launching in Paris, France shot him to the forefront of songsters in 1950. Felix Leclerc in later years returned to Canada to live out his life on the Ile de l'Orleans where he raised his family and built his house and abandoned himself to the world of music, literature and intermittent concerts.

The rose named after him portrays this vivid character. It has many advantages; it is a hardy climber, covering itself in multiple clusters of vivid pink blooms once it has established itself. It also doesn't overtake a trellis; it is very well behaved! From afar, 'Felix Leclerc' looks like a lush display of pink bougainvillea in full bloom, but upon closer inspection each individual rose reveals a beautiful form that entices your nose closer. The excellent pedigree of this rose has made it a favourite among growers, giving it an inherent resistance to many diseases that afflict most others. It is cold resistant as well, although it may suffer some winter dieback in the Prairies. Even more noteworthy is its amazing tolerance for drought once established.

Felix Leclerc always saw himself as a story crafter, poet and author. He was also a builder, role model and whimsical thinker. Every song he crafted has a message or a comical phantasmagorical story. All he needed was an empty stage, a stool, microphone, his imagination, and flamenco fingers strumming a guitar, and he became the travelogue that transported you from reality to life in vivid portraits. Let this beautiful rose transport you to the world of this amazing, humble French-Canadian artist who touched hearts from coast to coast. It will shine of its own reaching a smile across the road to your neighbours.

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