Emily Carr Rose
Emily Carr Self-Portrait
Emily Carr Painting

Emily Carr -
The Rose And The Artist

Surrounded by six vast acres of land and close to home gardens tended by her father, Emily Carr came to cherish the vastness of picturesque forests, wide expanses of cerulean skies and echoing ocean waves which inspired the flowing style she textured into each of her paintings. Known throughout the Canadian art world as a woman of substance and conviction, Emily Carr's vivid portrayal of the Haida people of the Haida Gwaii Islands brought the eyes of the world to their view of a simple yet picturesque lifestyle. Her flowing brushstrokes have inspired many contemporary artists both in Canada and abroad.

Of all the colours Emily Carr used, royal blue was the most frequent but it was the intense hues of the colours of her painting style that led the Consortium to name a hardy Canadian rose in her honour. The shadowed deep red blooms speak of deep, never ending, passionate love in the language of roses, reminding us of the fervour that flowed into everything she undertook. She poured her life's blood into endeavours that have become Canadian heritage treasures.

'Emily Carr' has great qualities such as disease resistance, hardiness, a dense habit, the ability to grow in average soil, and blooms from late spring to late summer! The only condition it doesn't like is standing in wet, soggy soil. The clean, glossy foliage turns golden in fall and if placed by a shrub whose leaves turn orangey-red like the viburnums, they create magic in the autumn garden.

Let the spirit of this amazing woman live on in your garden where each enchanting bloom captures your heart. Let it grace your landscape with an intensity of beauty for years to come.

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