Ag Canada Rose Breeding Program
Dr. Campbell Davidson
Dr. Claude Richer

Where did the Canadian Artists Roses Come From?

The Canadian Artists Rose Program was born out of a vision for the defunct Agriculture Canada rose breeding program. The bank of more than 15,000 rose cells in Agriculture Canada's plant vault was too important a collection to be set aside. The Program has since been driven by a series of successes in providing Canadian gardeners with the best choice of tough roses for our diverse climatic conditions, beginning with the introductions of 'Emily Carr' and 'Felix Leclerc'.

Two preeminent breeders launched the Program: Dr. Claude Richer-Leclerc and Dr. Campbell Davidson, both of whom were active breeders in the development of the Explorer and Parkland roses. Both are committed to developing the best roses Canada and the world is yet to witness.. In the fall of 2007, two exciting new roses were released, able to grow right across our country, and even more are to come. Look for upcoming introductions of hardy roses with yellows, apricots and a bi-color.

Canada is a small market in roses, mostly in hardiness zones 2 through 6. The genetic lines of the roses grown for our conditions cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We need hardy roses for our climates and conditions."

Growers are in this program to make sure that Canadian gardeners are offered the best possible rose choices for our climate."

For years, Canadian-bred roses have been known for their toughness and refinement. These are two descriptive adjectives that somehow feel like you're sucking on a lemon, but they are more like a lemon meringue pie; the lightness of the top layer sweetens the tanginess of the main body held by the solid crust.

This holds true for these newly bred roses. They have a strong root system, clean foliage, excellent disease resistance and strong blooming power. They represent the best of the best with a plus - you can grow them right across Canada!