Every Gardener Is An Artist!

The garden is your canvas, the plants are your paints, and your hand is the paintbrush. You create inspiring gardens with your imagination. You are the master, and your garden is your masterpiece.

From the developers of the Explorer and Parkland series of roses, these next-generation roses celebrate the great Canadian artists who created lasting works of beauty on canvas, in stalwart sculpture and through singing prose, just as you create enduring beauty in your gardens. These roses epitomize the Canadian gardener in every way; hardy and resilient, standing strong against our Canadian winters, yet exquisitely beautiful, contemporaries of the finest modern roses.

Now imagine these fine roses in your garden!

New Release for 2016
— Oscar Peterson Rose

The Oscar Peterson Rose is the fifth introduction in the Canadian Artists series. This hardy rose begins as a soft yellow, blooming into purest white.
Oscar Peterson Rose Campfire Rose Bill Reid Rose Bill Reid Rose Emily Carr Rose Emily Carr Rose Felix Leclerc Rose Felix Leclerc Rose